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Posted on February 11 2019

Vault by Vans ComfyCush x Proper

Someone once said that most great ideas start off as bad ones, so it was no surprise when our initial pitch to Vans to work on the new ComfyCush platform was met with some cautious trepidation. The concept was simple, to bring the excitement and discovery of the Vans warehouse sales we enjoyed as Southern California youths to a younger generation that would never have the opportunity to experience it.

Our presentation consisted of a simple color palette of heavy weight canvas and suede, and some shoes. Hundreds of shoes in fact, page after page of Eras, Slip-Ons, and Sk8-Hi’s in a never ending number of color combinations. Mono-tones, duo-tones, tri-tones, quad-tones the list went on and on. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, mis-matched and everything in between.

Only when the raw material began to arrive did the real work began. Unhindered by design briefs, Proper's very own Jordan Curry set fourth on a process of organic creativity in canvas and suede. Day after day, week after week he immersed himself in the process emerging only to share his latest masterpiece. Steadfast in his dedication to avoid repetition each pair was a unique creation, a true manifestation of the original concept, from mild to wild and everything in between, no two pairs the same. Perfectly imperfect.

Executing any collaboration can be a challenge, much less hundreds of them in a single shot. Has it been done before, not like this, will it be done again, probably not if the Vans production team has their say in it. Part old, part new, completely unique. We hope you enjoy finding your favorite pair as much as we did making them.


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  • Bret: February 18, 2019

    Amazing. I kept saying to myself – you don’t need more shoes, you don’t need more shoes, you don’t need more shoes. But i could not resist. I can’t wait to see what I get!!!

  • Yuntong Wang: February 13, 2019


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