Proper Relaunches Reebok Dual Pump Runner

Brittany Tran

Posted on July 19 2016

Proper Relaunches Reebok Dual Pump Runner

To commemorate our new website (which just launched), our Long Beach, California sneaker boutique will finally be releasing the Proper x Reebok Dual Pump Runner in conjunction with the revamp. When it was previously slated for release, the shoe was popularized in many “Best of Year” lists as well as “Top Reebok Collaboration” features. The company is continually looking to improve and refresh, and this shoe collaboration best symbolizes that conviction.

Back in 1991, Dee Brown--a relative unknown in the NBA at the time--famously pumped his Reeboks and soared through the air with an array of dunks that would cap off his victory in the perennial NBA dunk contest. The lasting legacy of the Celtics guard’s victory is manyfold: out-dueling the odds-on favorite, “Reign Man” Shawn Kemp, in the finals; inciting a sneaker war between Reebok and Nike (MJ’s words, not ours); and instituting the Reebok Pump into sneaker industry lore.

Reebok applied the Pump technology throughout their vintage array of shoes in the 90s, ranging from tennis shoes to runners to basketball sneakers. So, when Reebok first approached Proper in 2009 to partner up and collaborate on the reintroduction of their classic Dual Pump Runner, the team at Proper took the honor to reimagine the shoe in a way that wouldn’t sacrifice substance for style, all while paying homage to the legendary Reebok name. What resulted from the “Proper” treatment of the classic retro runners were the stylistic materials being trimmed down and more modern performance materials being added--technical PlayDry lining material, memory foam, and a 100% synthetic upper. The shoe’s silhouette is a stylistic, lightweight blend of suede and mesh, stamped with the “Proper” signature logo on the heel and the adjacent double-jut Pumps near the center foot.



All three colors now available: Black, Grey, and Navy


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  • Ian: December 28, 2018

    Are you guys still selling the Reebok Pump Dual Runners?

    Thank you.


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