Karhu's Latest Spring Launch

April 18, 2017

Finland springs to life with the accompanying sunshine and warmer weather. It’s a time when tourists from around the world come to learn about the culture, and to visit Helsinki, the neighboring cities and appreciate the design influence. To follow up from the previous “Porvoo” release, Karhu introduces a complementary pack of two Fusion 2.0 colour ways.

For centuries, the city of Porvoo has served as both a home and source of inspiration for numerous Finnish artists, but the most known attractions are the vibrant red shore houses. Karhu transfers the inviting look and feel of the traditional red houses and surrounding water into the design of the popular Fusion 2.0 silhouette. The shoe consists of a premium pigskin suede upper with breathable nylon mesh panels.

Porvoo is a perfect example of how gracefully the old can blend with the new while still retaining its own unique atmosphere.

Karhu releases two Aria colour ways that pay homage to the original design, colour and construction. The latest Arias receive pigskin suede and nylon mesh at the toe for breathability. The mono-sock construction provides comfort and a secure fit around the foot. One of the Arias receives a speckled midsole to add detail on the compression EVA midsole. Both Arias are dressed up in two OG inspired colour ways associating back to when it was a premium running model in the 90s.

Release Date: April 21, 2017
Karhu Fusion 2.0 (Mango/Foggy Dew) Retail Price: $140
Karhu Aria (Poseidon/Foggy Dew) Retail Price: $125

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