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Posted on September 28 2017


adidas Consortium is excited to unveil the latest instalment of the Sneaker Exchange 2017, a collaboration between OVERKILL and FRUITION celebrating contemporary womanhood, high fashion and the evolving nature of female sneakers.
In recent years, the women’s footwear market has evolved hugely. Today’s sneakers must convey elegance and femininity while remaining both comfortable and highly wearable. To meet this demand, more and more female-exclusive retailers have emerged. This edition of the Sneaker Exchange 2017 brings two of those retailers together. Taipei-based store FRUITION is paired with Germany’s OVERKILL – a long-term fixture on the global sneaker scene which recently opened a women’s branch in its native Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Prior to the Sneaker Exchange 2017, the two stores had never interacted. adidas Consortium challenged them to overcome cultural differences, a language-barrier and almost 9,000 km in distance to begin a dialogue, discover common ground and deliver a bold, exciting sneaker pack. Together FRUITION and OVERKILL present a true highlight of the Consortium calendar.

The pack takes the EQT Lacing and the Tubular Doom and portrays them in a fresh light. FRUITION and OVERKILL discussed use of tweed in iconic French couture, determining to express this through colorway and fabric choices for their collaborative design. Further, both partners communicated a strong desire to create footwear that articulates rebellion, individuality and empowerment. The overall aim was to juxtapose high fashion with the energy of modern womanhood.

The EQT Lacing is constructed using plush velour with a translucent outsole. Its satin finish implies femininity and the overall model captures the rebelliousness the partners strived for.
It is the first time a Tubular product has been selected for use in the Sneaker Exchange. Its unmistakable silhouette is the elegant basis for further exploration of the theme. The more avant-garde of the duo, it looks like high-concept footwear from the future.
The final result is an outstanding footwear pack, high on individuality with impressive attention to detail. The partners worked alongside Consortium to deliver two models designed to appear striking in isolation but also complement the wearer’s clothing. Both models capture an essence of modern womanhood: elegance, beauty, fierceness and strength, fusing comfort and wearability.

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