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Posted on December 26 2017


adidas Consortium presents a visually stunning NMD R1 packed with Asian iconography.
Developed in collaboration with highly-coveted Japanese label NEIGHBORHOOD and cult Taiwanese retailer INVINCIBLE this NMD R1 references the NEIGHBORHOOD archive, while firmly keeping things forward-thinking and future-focused.
adidas and NEIGHBORHOOD's partnership dates all the way back to 2004 when the brand contributed a design as part of the Superstar's 35th anniversary collaboration series. INVINCIBLE suggested using this vintage collector’s classic as a basis for inspiration. From the NMD R1’s color and materials, to smaller design motifs, subtle references are made to the all-time favorite.
Another item that particularly appealed to INVINCIBLE while exploring NEIGHBORHOOD's archive was a “Vietnam Jacket”, a show-stopping, stand-out souvenir jacket embroidered with tigers and ornate lettering. Together, NEIGHBORHOOD and INVINCIBLE take the tiger and apply it as the major design feature on their NMD. With this strong key visual they manage to elevate an already striking silhouette even further.


The tiger symbolizes liveliness as well as motivation and the positive spirit to drive and achieve progress. The partners began by deploying its influence subtly - close inspection of the stealthy black-on-black adidas stripes on the upper reveals a dark, tiger stripe camouflage. More brazen is the golden tiger head on the right heel. Beautifully embroidered, it conjures images of both the “Vietnam Jacket” and more traditional tapestries found throughout Asia. On the left heel the Kanji character for “Good fortune” is a further expression of the collaboration's main theme.
While a monochrome upper references the Superstar, the NMD R1’s BOOST sole provides contemporary comfort and stability. A modern design detail is the display of both partners' names in black on the white EVA plugs. Bold iconography is NEIGHBORHOOD’s signature, and the distinctive, modernist typography which creates strong statements across the brand's clothing collections is utilized here with a striking effect.
The NMD R1 combines modern wearability with an utmost technical sensibility and an ultra-modern design aesthetic. Through collaboration, adidas Consortium continues to explore the relationship between history and innovation: INVINCIBLE and NEIGHBORHOOD offer a new interpretation of the NMD and manage to deliver another strong execution of this model that carries a unique aesthetic with a whiff of history.

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