Vault by Vans

Bold Ni LX 'Community'

$81.00 $115.00


Julian Klincewicz - Eden / Marshmallow (VN0A3WLP01C)

Upper: Premium suede, goatskin (collar and tongue),
"COMMUNITY" graphic embossed in gold foil, suede jazz stripe,
silkscreened Ollie-pad. Comes with custom heathered shoe laces.

Sole: Rubber.

Packaging: Custom box and canvas drawstring dust bag.


As time goes on, the things that are important in life seem to illuminate themselves ever more clearly: Love, Kindness, Community, Compassion, Purpose, Curiosity, Growth… The fundamentals that make a life worth living seem, to me, to be connected to a greater sense of self—one that extends beyond the lonely ‘I’ to an infinite and aspirational ‘WE.’

The central theme I started working from at the beginning of the design process was the latin prefix com meaning ‘with’ or ‘together,’ something that we haven’t really been able to be in the past few months. We provide for each other in ways big and small, often without even knowing it, and that WE—that sense of community—is so vital to a whole life.

I feel beyond lucky to have gotten to design a collection of shoes in collaboration with Vans Vault, and with them I hope to do some good. I couldn’t be more grateful to Vans for generously donating to RAINN in conjunction with our collaboration as a way to help provide resources to vital members of our community who may not have them, or are in need of support. Whether you buy the shoes or not, take this as a reminder that no one is an island, and that we’re all in this life together. Take moment to help yourself and others feel a sense of love, support, and togetherness.

Thank you. 
Julian Klincewicz