Watts Blue Light Transition Sunglasses (Sun Drip / Sour Grape)


Watts BLT Sunglasses (Sun Drip / Sour Grape)

  • Frame material: sustainable polycarbonate
  • Specs: eye size 52mm, bridge width 22.5mm, temple length 145mm
  • Fit: regular
  • Lens material: rated polycarbonate
  • Lens specs: clear blue light blocking lenses that transition to a 'sour grape' tint in the sun
  • Lens tech: Szade's completely re-imagined anti-blue light frames feature filtered clear lenses to block blue light emitted from screens and devices, combined with photochromatic technology which transitions to a tinted lens when exposed to UV light

*These blue light blocking lenses will transition to tints when exposed to UV light. transition time and the level of tint darkness are relative to UV levels.